It is not surprising that a leaky toilet, faucet or a catastrophic piping system breakdown can potentially send you into sleep deprivation for real. Be it any issues related to pipes, drains or water systems in your home, before you realize the severity of it, they can turn into nightmares, and you may find yourself searching for an emergency plumber in Edmonton.


As winters get harsh in Edmonton, plumbing problems are geared to multiply. Due to substantial repair costs involved in replacements and repairs pertaining to plumbing jobs, we understand that most homeowners run to their laptops and look for DIY plumbing fixes whenever any issue occurs. But is it worth doing that? Experts say no. Plumbing is a specialized profession that requires training, study and experience. Although DIY videos may help you momentarily deal with an issue, deep-seated and more significant plumbing issues may remain undetected by you. What you need is a licensed and trained plumber to save you from potential costs and discomfort.

Hiring a Licensed Plumber

To avoid bigger potential costs, you may need to seek professional plumbing services from a qualified and licensed plumber. However, if you thought expert plumbing skills are the only advantage of a licensed professional, here are a few more substantial reasons why hiring a licensed professional is worth it.


A licensed plumber in Edmonton goes through a series of professional assessments and training routines to handle any kind of plumbing issues. As the province of Alberta requires plumbing professionals to pass through intense training and on job assignments, licensed Edmonton plumbers are well trained to tackle a series of big and small plumbing issues with expertise. When you hire a licensed plumber, you don’t need to worry about them having relevant skills and knowledge to deal with your plumbing emergency.


In Alberta, licensed plumbers are required to be insured to work in a recognized plumbing company. The insurance covers not only the plumber but also the customer. If in any case the plumber is unable to solve your issue or makes a mistake, the plumber’s insurance will take care of the additional repair or replacement costs, keeping your investment secure. In addition, even if the plumber faces an injury or accident while on the job, you will be liability free as he will be covered by insurance.

Tools and materials

Although a simple leak or drain block can be fixed by a sealant and a plunger, if your issue is much bigger, you may not have the necessary tools and equipment to carry out a detailed fix. Rather than fixing a problem temporarily with limited skills and tools at hand, it is best to call a licensed plumber who is well trained to use the right tools and skills for a plumbing repair. What more? A licensed and trained plumber will also fix your issue quicker and more efficiently as they know how to use tools and skills optimally.


Licensed plumbers are your best solution to any plumbing issue. Experts recommend that even if you may suspect that your plumbing issue is minor, it is best to call a licensed plumber from a reputed company like Doctor Mechanical Ltd. to get your plumbing system examined in detail and avoid huge potential repair or replacement costs. Whether you want to conduct a one-time examination for your plumbing system or set up an annual maintenance schedule, speak to a licensed plumber today at Doctor Mechanical Ltd.