When it comes to maintaining a home, you may have to look after a thousand different things. Especially when it comes to taking care of a toilet, things can be really messy and before you know, you may be rushing to find an emergency toilet repair service in Edmonton. Issues with the toilet plumbing system are not easy to solve and can sometimes incur significant costs. Moreover, these expenses are something you can’t escape because you will need the repairs to be done under any circumstances. Here are a few commonly observed toilet issues:

Running toilets

This problem is one of the most common issues that many homeowners face. Usually, faulty or damaged flappers, fill valves, and wax seals cause this issue. Cleaning chemicals or minerals in the water can damage the flapper over a period of time, causing the toilet to “run” continuously. Bad flappers are the biggest culprit and can sometimes even wake you up in the middle of the night only to find that your toilet flushes by itself. Due to bad flappers, often the water level in the tank drops. Sometimes the levels are so low that it makes the fill valve kick on to refill it to the proper level. You may end of wasting a lot of water due to a bad flapper. To check if you have a bad flapper, add a few drops of food color to the toilet tank. If you see the colored water show up in the bowl, you may have a faulty flapper and will have to call a licensed Edmonton plumber to rectify the issue. Another reason for running toilets is a bad fill valve. A fill valve is a piece in the tank that can cause the toilet to run continuously. Usually, homeowners can fix this issue by themselves by simply replacing the valve.

Overflowing or leaking toilet

Another common issue with toilets is when they overflow or leak. If your toilet is overflowing or leaking, the first thing that you need to do is to turn off the water supply line. This will prevent water from flowing on to other areas of your home and causing wood and other pricey damages. The next step is to try to unclog the toilet using a plunger or a toilet snake. If that doesn’t seem to clear the clog or if you suspect that the leak is from the supply line, you may have to call a qualified and experienced plumber to solve the issue.

Flushing issue

If your toilet isn’t flushing as well as it was before it may most likely be due to unclean jets around the inside rim of the bowl. Over a period of time, these jets can get a lot of calcium buildup. Usually, a simple looped end of a coat hanger will work to get them clean.


Most toilets, however, need to be replaced about every 15 years. Although this repair or replacement is inevitable, using a water softener can improve your toilet’s life expectancy by reducing the mineral buildup. When it comes to replacing or repairing your toilet, it can be pretty hard to find a reliable and experienced plumbing repair service in Edmonton for any emergency repairs that you may need. Thankfully, we at Doctor Mechanical can help you with all sorts of plumbing and HVAC repairs. Our skilled and experienced crew investigate the problem in detail and employ the best tools and techniques to ensure a comfortable home for you. Talk to us today for any of your maintenance and repair needs.