Whenever you are hiring an independent plumber, it is essential to know what kind of jobs are covered in the service, before they actually begin their work. But if this is the first time you have hired an independent contractor, you may not be aware of considerations that are crucial to getting the job done accurately and safely. Here are a few questions that may be imperative when it comes to hiring a plumber:


Knowing if your plumber is licensed is extremely important. There are reasons why hiring a licensed plumber is a must:


1) You are covered by insurance in case of any loss or damage to your plumbing system occurs while it is being repaired.

2) Any additional repairs or replacements that arise due to plumber’s fault are covered for.

3) In case of injury or death of the contractor on the job, you are not liable in any way.

4) They have the skill and expertise to tackle any additional issues or new issues that may creep in, in due course of repairs.


Make sure to ask your plumber if they are licensed before hiring them for a job.

Knowing the total cost

A truly professional plumber will visit your property and examine the issue before he gives out an estimate. Although most professional plumbers will offer to give free estimates, it is not advisable to trust someone who gives you an estimate over the phone. Once your prospective plumber performs a detailed investigation of the problem, they should be able to give you an estimate of the cost. It is best to ask for an apparent breakdown of the costs, just to be sure that you are covered for any contingency. Sometimes, the primary cost only includes the service, and additional spares and installations are charged separately. The last thing you want in to be shocked by unexpected expenses.

Type of cost

Plumbers often build clauses in their service contracts that say that homeowners have to bear any reasonable costs to get a job completed. One mistake that many homeowners commit is not checking if the rate is hourly or a basic flat rate. Make sure that you check with your contractor if the rate is basic or an hourly one. Remember that in case of hourly rates, the cost will continue to rise with passing time and you may still end up spending a lot more than the initially estimated quote.

Schedule of payments

Every contractor has its own schedule of payment. Typically either partially before the job and balance after, or even full payment after the job, especially in case of an hourly rate. Make sure to check with your contractor what their expected schedule of payment. Having a milestone system of payment is better as each task then clearly outlines and the scheduled payment against each task can be easily fulfilled without discrepancies.

Post service cleaning

Plumbing jobs create an enormous amount of mess, whether it is mud, pipe residues, gravel and numerous other kinds of waste and residue. In addition, there will also be a lot of water residue that you may have to face. Talk with the plumbing company on who is responsible for cleaning the post service mess. A professional and licensed company often includes post cleanup as part of their service. But it is always safe to check and be aware of what to expect.


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